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Covid-19 Information

19/07/2020 by Louise Watson

Covid-19 – UPDATED 18th July 2020

With the recent change to the UK government FCO travel advice for Turkey, some sort of normality is returning to the travel industry. However, given these are unprecedented times, this could also change very quickly. We recognise that people are nervous about paying balances for accommodation already booked, or committing to booking a new holiday without some sort of reassurance.

Can I cancel my booking even though it’s safe to travel to Turkey?

Most, if not all owners have been extremely understanding and have refunded deposits or moved the booking and deposit to 2021 during these difficult times. As a result of travel to Turkey now being safe, our normal booking terms and conditions will now apply, and deposits revert to being non-refundable. However, some people for various reasons are disinclined to travel, or where flights have been cancelled have chosen not to rebook them. In this instance, should you wish to cancel your booking, then you should contact your insurance company to discuss making a claim to recover your losses. But we do still wish to help if this is not possible, and should the property owner agree to move your booking to 2021 or later in the year, we will do that. Please be aware that any new dates will be at the relevant rate for those dates which may be higher than your current booking.

What happens if the FCO travel advice changes?

Should the FCO travel advice for Turkey change, and you can no longer travel to Turkey. then we will again work with you to either refund your deposit or move your dates to 2021.

What are the cleaning arrangements for my accommodation?

We are working with owners to ensure they keep both you and their cleaning staff safe. We are advising owners, where the changeover for departures and arrivals is the same day, to do a deep clean.

Where you are due a mid-stay clean, we recommend you are not at your accommodation on that day. You will also have the opportunity to purchase fumigation/spraying of your accommodation with special disinfectant, prior to the same day mid-stay clean. Please let us know if you wish for this to be added to your booking. Prices are dependent up the size of your accommodation.

Some people may prefer not to have a mid-stay clean. In this instance we would ask that you leave outside, any bed linen and towels that you wish to be replaced. We will then deliver clean laundry for you to use.

Do I have to wear a mask at Dalaman and in Kalkan?

The rules differ in Turkey across the different provinces. When you arrive at Dalaman (Muğla) airport, you must ensure you wear a mask throughout the airport, when you leave the airport, and also in the transfer or on any public transport whilst you are travelling through the Muğla region. Once you cross over into the Antalya region (Kalkan and part of your transfer journey) is in the Antalya region, the wearing of masks in only compulsory in shops, offices or government and public buildings. You are allowed to remove them in restaurants, cafes and bars. New masks can be purchased in Kalkan for 1 lira each from any chemist.

Is there are curfew for the over 65’s?

No. Tourists over the age of 65 no longer have any curfew restrictions placed upon them.

Is there any social distancing and safety measures in Turkey?

Yes. You will notice at your favourite restaurant the tables are spaced out more. There will be disinfectant/hand sanitiser either at the entrance to the restaurant or on your table. Please remember than ‘hand sanitiser’ may be lemon cologne, which is widely used throughout Turkey as it has a very high alcohol level. Waiters may wear masks when in close proximity to you.

You will notice the beach clubs also have more space between sunbeds, and most have signs up advising the safety measures to be taken.

Will I still be able to enjoy my holiday?

Well that depends entirely upon you, but there is no reason why not. Whilst measures in Turkey are in place, like any country not everyone chooses to adhere to them. There are however plenty of measures you can take to keep you and your family safe such as avoiding crowded places, carrying and using a mask at all times, regularly washing your hands, and carrying and using a handy sized hand sanitiser or lemon cologne, and avoiding contact with others.


We will do our best to update this information as the situation and circumstances progress, but please be aware it is a guide, and we encourage all guests and visitors to Kalkan to do their own due diligence into the latest travel information and advice.




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