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Wine Tasting on Kefalonia

On previous visits we have driven past vineyards and wineries in Kefalonia, but never had (or perhaps made) the time to stop for a tour.  As we travelled around the south of the island visiting the suppliers of our gorgeous hotels and villas, we decided that after a long day on the road, that the perfect way to finish would be a tasting at the Gentilini winery near Argostoli, and we are very glad we did. 

We wandered in unannounced to be greeted by the exceptionally friendly Sofia, who politely asked if we had a reservation…we hadn’t – and consequently thought we would have to re-arrange for another time, and that was what we were lacking.  Thankfully, she said it wasn’t a problem and showed us to our table, there are just a handful of picnic tables in the pretty grounds and we sat in the shade waiting to taste the first wine.


We were presented with a scrumptious platter of fresh bread, local olive oil, ruby red tomatoes, and tasty cheese washed down with a splash of Robola, the most famous wine from the island, and it was delicious.  Our hostess was incredibly knowledgeable and explained how and when it was produced, its particular notes and what type of food the wine should be enjoyed with.

The whole tasting took around an hour and we sampled seven local wines, all of which were excellent, we even threw in a couple of curveballs by asking some more in depth questions but the girls weren’t phased, they really know their stuff and it was a brilliant way to end the day. 

As a little souvenir, we thought it would be rude not to support them and so we picked up a couple of bottles of the white Robola and a lovely ‘Notes Rosé’ to remind us of our impromptu, but thoroughly enjoyable time at the charming Gentilini Vineyard and winery.

If you are booking a holiday on Kefalonia with us, we can help you organise your own trip to the Gentilini Vineyard to sample some of their finest produce.

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